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Reviewed: 04/09/2010 by Michael Chadwick

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Vitabase's Alfalfa supplement captures the phytoestrogen-rich elements of the potent herb and puts it in vegetarian-friendly tablets that are easy to swallow. A rundown of what is in Alfalfa is a murder's row of important vitamins and minerals. Chlorophyll, Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamins A, B6, D, E and K are just some of the nutrients you'll find in each tablet. The reason for the abundance of minerals in Alfalfa comes down to the long stalks that grown deep in the ground. Free of sugar, salt, yeast, dairy, wheat, corn, soy or artificial colors of flavors, Alfalfa also has eight different amino acids. Vitabase uses their own unique harvesting process that involves harvesting and drying the plant in a manner to preserve a high purity. Containing several essential enzymes, Alfalfa makes for a great, all-natural digestive aid. In addition, it also helps the kidneys in eliminating excess fluids while regulating the bowels.

Take one tablet, four to six times daily, with meals.

Should be avoided by those who have Lupus.


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6.45 BUY 550 mg 250 tablets 1 bottle Vitabase
9.45 BUY 550 mg 500 tablets 1 bottle Vitabase
19.35 BUY 550 mg 250 tablets 3 bottles Vitabase
28.35 BUY 550 mg 500 tablets 3 bottles Vitabase

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Joseluis wrote:
Posted: 07/16/2015
Yeah that sounds like a wikced combo! Juicing is great but I find I have to be more careful with the ratios and combinations to make sure I digest it properly. I always end up with large amounts of ginger in my juices as well. Spicy.
Good wrote:
Posted: 09/29/2012
If we only could get the tea party behind oraignc, we would be home free..They seem to be the strongest and most organized influence in what goes on in this country anymore.. Most of us who place a high importance for oraigncs in my opinion are not the kind of people who want to make a lot of noise..Not like we did in the 60 s.
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