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Reviewed: 11/05/2009 by Penny Branly

Category: Appetite Suppression

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Containing nine fat-fighting ingredients, Slimirex by Global Healing Center may help to boost metabolism and reduce cravings to help you to shed some weight. The capsules are vegetarian-friendly and fast-acting. Slimirex is made up of 10 patented formulas, each targeted to perform a different job. While the Lipofuzion blend contains ingredients to amp up metabolism, certain ingredients in the Citrimax blend are used for appetite suppression and promotion of energy. The downfalls of this product begin with price. It is expensive, but the price seems to come down if the product is bought in bulk. Moreover, the ingredients are listed by their patented formula names, so you don't really know how much of what is actually in the supplement. User reviews are few and far between, but the supplement does contain some ingredients that have had success in weight loss. With a high cost and no real indication of how much of the natural ingredients you're really getting in every dose, the efficacy of this product is called into question.

Take three capsules 20 minutes before lunch and supper. Three capsules may also be taken before breakfast for an added benefit.

There are no listed side effects.

LipoFuzion (Green Tea Extract, Cha de Bugre, Pinolenic Acid, Fennel Seed), Slimaluma, Super Citrimax Clinical Strength, Advantra-Z, 7-Keto, Gugulipid, Forslean, Bioperine, ChromeMate.

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78.95 BUY N/A 120 capsules 1 bottle Global Healing Center
149.90 BUY N/A 120 capsules 1 tube Global Healing Center
218.85 BUY N/A 0 N/A 1 tube Global Healing Center
419.70 BUY N/A 120 capsules 6 bottles Global Healing Center

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Gyanu wrote:
Posted: 09/30/2012
That medication could cause prmelbos, you have to be very careful. I can only use the medication from the vets because my dogs have a reaction to any of the other kinds sold in stores. I wouldn't use anything unless my vet approved.They sell it based on weight, so I would really suggest to use the correct dosage.References :
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