Beta Carotene Softgels

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Beta Carotene Softgels

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We all know that you can get a good amount of Beta Carotene from fruit and vegetables, especially carrots, but there are other ways to get your daily intake of this important vitamin. Beta Carotene (also known as Provitamin A) is a member of the Cartenoid family and is a pre-cursor to Vitamin A. It works as an Antioxidant to fight free radical damage and also supports proper immune system function. Beta Carotene supplementation is commonly used for prevention of cancer and heart disease, asthma, depression, infertility, arthritis, hypertension, psoriasis and Parkinson's Disease. The use of Beta Carotene is also converted to Retinol in the body, which is an essential nutrient for good vision. Vitamin World's Beta Carotene softgels are easy to swallow and are also rapid release, which allows the ingredients to be quickly absorbed and utilized. Softgels are free from artificial coloring, flavoring and preservatives as well as free from sugar, starch, milk, lactose, wheat, gluten, fish, and sodium.

Take one softgel daily with a meal.

There are no listed side effects. A high intake of Beta Carotene may lead to diarrhea and a yellowish hue to the skin. These side effects should subside when dosage is lowered.

Vitamin A (as 100% Beta Carotene), Soybean Oil, Gelatin, Vegetable Glycerin, Yellow Beeswax, Soy Lecithin.

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