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Similar to the make-up of cholesterol, beta sitosterol is most well-known for the promotion of prostate health. Men with enlarged prostates may benefit from regular use of beta sitosterol as it may reduce the severity of symptoms. Beta sitostorol is also known to stabilize testosterone levels and is therefore used by many bodybuilders. When a man is very active, testosterone drops. The regular use of beta sitosterol may help to maintain a healthy testosterone balance. Beta sitosterol health benefits are not only for men, everyone can benefit from beta sitosterol products as they can regulate blood sugar, boost immunity and manage cholesterol. When trying to find the best supplements, reviews are an invaluable tool. Not only can they help you to discover new products, but they can guide you to the right store so you may buy with assurance. Searching for the right price? Compare these products and save from the get-go.

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by Vitabase

Vitabase's Beta Sitosterol supplements can be effective in treating an enlarged prostate and increasing urine flow. It may also improve the ratio of bad cholesterol to good cholesterol. This product contains soy.
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For those who already have their cholesterol within healthy levels, Natrol makes this product to help keep them there. It is entirely free of eggs, dairy products, gluten and artificial colors.
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