Black Cohosh Extract Plus

by Vitabase
Black Cohosh Extract Plus

Reviewed: 12/12/2012 by Penny Branly

Category: Black Cohosh

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14.15 BUY N/A 1 oz. 1 bottle Vitabase
42.45 BUY N/A 1 fl. oz. 3 bottles Vitabase

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Kaley wrote:
Posted: 01/18/2013
Thanks for starting the ball rollnig with this insight.
Jacki wrote:
Posted: 01/18/2013
That's a clever answer to a tricky qeustion
Carlos wrote:
Posted: 07/16/2015
Echinacea has long been known as the herb that boosts your over-all imnmue system and help ward off the common cold. While vaccines (such as flu shots) can be received in order to immunize against specific strands of viruses, Echinacea boosts the imnmue system in ways which are non-specific.
Total comments: 3 - Average Score: 50.0 / 100