Cranberry Extract

by Botanic Choice
Cranberry Extract

Reviewed: 03/10/2010 by Michael Chadwick

Category: Bladder Health

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For those suffering from a poor or infected urinary tract, the best solution is to drink a lot of cranberry juice. If you are one of those who doesn't want to drinks glasses of juice or don't like the taste of cranberries, Botanic Choice offers these easy to swallow capsules that gives you all of the benefits of this powerful antioxidant. It does this by eliminating the free radicals in the urinary tract that causes such bladder issues as incontinence and urinary tract infections. Secondary benefits that comes with a daily intake of cranberries include improving the body's circulatory system, lowering cholesterol, preventing ulcers as well as proving relief for those who suffer from certain forms of asthma. Cranberries really are a wonder fruit and this extract condenses all of that power into a small capsule that can be easily incorporated into your daily regimen.

Take one capsule daily with meals.

There are no listed side effects.

CrantForte Cranberry powder.

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BUY 400 mg 30 capsules 1 bottle Botanic Choice

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