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Urinary tract infections are characterized by many of the uncomfortable symptoms, such as burning sensation, frequent urination and the sense of pressure that can build in the lower abdomen. For those looking for an all-natural, homeopathic solution that is non-addictive and free of the side effects that similar products available by prescription can cause, there is BladderWell by Native Remedies. It comes as tablets that can be dissolved in water or under the tongue. Those who use it have reported a decrease in the severity of the symptoms, including bloating and lower back pain that is sometimes caused by an infected bladder. It is also known to support the muscles responsible for dispensing urine, leading to a stronger bladder. The formula is free of artificial flavors, colors, flavorings and gluten. It is also suitable for those who are lacto-vegetarians. This product is also FDA-registered.

Dissolve two tablets in a clean mouth once every hour for three days or until symptoms subside.

There are no listed side effects.

Sarsaparilla, Ferrum Phosphoricum, Apis Mellifica, Equisetum, Cantharis and Lactose.

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