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Harvested from the stems of pineapples, Puritan's Pride's Bromelain is a digestive supplement that takes the effective enzyme and condenses it into easy to swallow tablets. Bromelain helps the body break down proteins in the gastrointestinal tract to ensure more nutritional value is taken out of what we ingest while also facilitating the energy dispersal process. In addition to its digestive properties, people have taken Bromelain to reduce inflammation and certain types of arthritis. That's because it prevents the production of kinin, a polypeptide that plays a crucial role in inflammation. It is also for this reason that many who suffer with rheumatism turn to Bromelain. In total, the product has been used to address a host of issues, including itchy skin, pain connected with varicose veins, asthmas and hay fever. This product is vegetarian-friendly and contains no milk, soy, gluten, lactose, wheat, fish, yeast, sodium, preservatives or artificial colors or flavors.

Take one tablet two to four times daily, preferably after meals.

There are no listed side effects.


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8.29 BUY 500 mg 60 tablets 1 bottle Puritan's Pride
15.59 BUY N/A 120 tablets 1 bottle Puritan's Pride
15.59 BUY N/A 240 tablets 1 tube Puritan's Pride
16.58 BUY 500 mg 60 tablets 2 bottles Puritan's Pride
31.18 BUY 500 mg 120 tablets 2 bottles Puritan's Pride
59.58 BUY 500 mg 240 tablets 2 bottles Puritan's Pride

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