Calcium Reviews

When you think of calcium, your mind will invariably wander to bone health. The evidence linking calcium to strong bones and teeth is indisputable. The best calcium supplements have a high dose of elemental calcium, which is usually listed on the bottle or packaging. Calcium is also one of the most important nutrients needed to combat high blood pressure, colon cancer, heart attacks and premenstrual syndrome. A calcium deficiency can result from several factors and lead to a host of health concerns, such as weakened bone structure, nerve and muscle impairment, as well as an abnormal heart beat. The best sources of calcium, aside from supplements, can be found in dairy products, products fortified with calcium, salmon, beans and broccoli. If you're confused on which calcium supplements you should use and where to buy calcium products at the best price, compare the products listed using our reviews to help you gain a little more insight.

Intracal™ Preview Intracal™

by GHC

Containing high levels of Calcium Orotate and Magnesium Orotate, Intracal, made by GHC, delivers the optimal amount of calcium to the body to ensure strong bones and cell health. Capsules are vegetarian-friendly and kosher.
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Cal/Mag Citrate + D Preview Cal/Mag Citrate + D

by Vitamin World

This calcium supplement contains Vitamin D to work with the calcium to create healthy bones. Use this supplement to make sure that you're getting all the vitamins and minerals you need for optimum bone health.
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