Sniffly Sprinkles™

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Sniffly Sprinkles™

Reviewed: 05/18/2011 by Penny Branly

Category: Child Health

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A stuffy nose can be a real hassle and lead to sore throats, blocked sinuses and earaches. It also puts the sufferer in quite the sour mood. Smiffly Sprinkes is an easy-to-take remedy that is made from 100% homeopathic ingredients to help relieve congestion by opening up airways and helping to dispel mucus and phlegm. The best time to start using this product is at the first sign of a cold or flu. Since it comes in small granules, it is easy to ingest and it is safe for all ages. Including Nat mur, which is a tissue salt that supports water balance in the body, and Alium cepa, which aids the body in ridding itself of excess mucus, this formula is approved by the FDA and is free from gluten, colorants and artificial preservatives and is not tested on animals. Results vary from person to person, but the key to relief is using this product on a regular basis.

One pinch every hour or until symptoms subside. If symptoms are acute, dosage may be increased to one pinch every 30 minutes.

There are no listed side effects. Avoid mint-flavoured candy during usage as this may decrease effectiveness of product.

Nat Mur, Ferrum Phos, Nux Vomica, Alium Cepam Pulsatilla Nigricans.

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