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The ancient Mayans used to use damiana leaves as an aphrodisiac. It's now widely used as a general health tonic due to its many healing properties. Damiana effects are very potent in relation to the libido. In men, the use of this herb can aid in impotence and premature ejaculation, while in women, it may ease painful cramps during menstruation. As a powerful diuretic, damiana may also help to treat urinary tract issues and may be used as a laxative. The benefits of damiana leaves also extend to the nervous system and may also work as an antidepressant, suppressing feelings of anxiety. In addition, damiana supplements may aid in treating certain mood disorders, such as hypochondria, paranoia and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Reading reviews can be endlessly helpful when trying to find the best products to buy. If you are searching for a price, compare the items compiled here to find the right product that will work for you.

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As a means of creating a spark in the passions of men and women, Damiana Liquid Leaf Extract has been used for many years by the indigenous residents of South America. Find out why it's so popular.
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