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If you have issues with insulin production and constant digestive problems, then you may benefit from the use of Botanic Choice's Pancreas-Plus supplements. Your pancreas is a very valuable gland and is in charge of the secretion of enzymes that help to break down protein and carbohydrates as well as the production of insulin, which is a substance to help regulate blood sugar levels. When blood sugar levels become too low, symptoms such as light-headedness, sweating, tingling in the mouth and lips and an elevated heart rate may occur. The 11 powerful ingredients in each capsule may support pancreatic functions and help to reduce painful bloating, cramps, and gas. Capsules contain FenuLife, a superior grade of Fenugreek, which has been known to keep the highs and lows of blood sugar in check, and also Manganese, which is known to support glucose tolerance. This supplement also contains Milk Thistle Extract and other minerals to support the digestive system and liver.

Take two capsules per day.

There are no listed side effects.

Biotin, Zinc, Manganese, Selenium, Amylase, FenuLife Extract, Gentian Root, Lipase, Melatonin, Milk Thistle Extract, Trypsin.

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