Natural Moves™

by Native Remedies
Natural Moves™

Reviewed: 08/19/2011 by Michael Chadwick

Category: Digestive Health

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Natural Moves by Native Remedies is an herbal solution for those who are looking to maintain a consistent bowel movement schedule and produce solid, healthy stools. Featuring such ingredients as Red Aloe, Dandelion and Passion Flower, the homeopathic formulation works with the body to rid itself of waste and toxins. In the process, it works to support healthy peristaltic movement in the digestive treatment. It has also been shown to be an effective tonic to provide liver support. The product comes in tablet form and is to be taken with milk or water. While some people report experiencing positive benefits within 24 to 48 hours, it is recommended that a regimen of three to six weeks is necessary in order to achieve optimal results. There are no artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives, nor is there gluten.

Take 1/2 to two tablets when needed with a water or milk at night.

There are no listed side effects.

Red Aloe, Dandelion, Passion Flower and Magnesium Stereate

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