Dong Quai Reviews

The dong quai root is popular in Chinese medicine and is often referred to as the "female ginseng." Although it doesn't possess any hormone-like effects, it is known to have a balancing effect on a woman's hormones. Regular use of this root is believed to ease PMS symptoms, menopause, help weakness after childbirth, irregular menstrual bleeding and may be used as a general woman's tonic. Chinese herbalists usually soak the root in wine or boil it in water, discard the root and drink the liquid as a tonic. Apart from being helpful in soothing menstrual issues, dong quai root is also used to combat high blood pressure and anemia. Our reviews provide a comprehensive list of dong quai retailers and can help you find the best supplements for the right price. Compare the products listed and you are certain to find all the information you need for a great buy.

Dong Quai & Royal Jelly Preview Dong Quai & Royal Jelly

by Puritan's Pride

Combining Dong Quai with Royal Jelly makes for a superior natural supplement for female needs. With the Puritan's Pride version of this product, you know you're getting nothing but the highest-quality ingredients.
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