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Reviewed: 06/17/2010 by Michael Chadwick

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Vitabase's Echinacea works by activating white blood cells in the body, serving as a stimulant for the immune system in the process. With a higher white blood cell count, it becomes more difficult for foreign bodies to infect cells. In addition, Echinacea has been shown to be effective in the fight against many of the symptoms brought on by colds and the flu. Discover all of the benefits this powerful supplement can provide.

Take one capsule two to three times daily.

Do not take if pregnant or nursing.

Echinacea Root extract, Echinacea Herb powder

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12.45 BUY 375 mg 60 capsules 1 bottle Vitabase
37.35 BUY N/A 60 capsules 3 bottles Vitabase

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Alejandra wrote:
Posted: 07/16/2015
This is terrific, very many tnhkas. I could have wished that they had mentioned non-animal-origin sources for Omega 3, but one mustn't expect the moon! One can only hope this is read and inwardly digested at least more than the wretched supplements! Thanks again.
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