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The symptoms of menopause, such as painful cramping, bloating, night sweats, hot flashes and vaginal dryness, can be overwhelming for many women. Also during menopause, estrogen levels become low and need to be supplemented in order to keep a woman's body functioning properly and to ensure bone health. The use of synthetic hormone therapies do come with increased risk or breast and ovarian cancer and may have the potential to produce heart problems and blood clots. Many women find themselves in a worrisome dilemma, either increase their risks for heart disease and cancer or suffer with the sometimes intolerable symptoms of menopause. Due to these reasons, many women choose to pursue alternative routes and use natural estrogen supplements to help them through menopause. By reading our reviews, you can learn more information and find out the best places to buy estrogen online. In terms of price, compare the brands here and you will surely find a great product at the right price.

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This all-natural formula has no known side effects and can be taken in conjunction with other nutritional supplements as well as prescription Estrogen. It contains no wheat, lactose, gluten, or animal products.
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