Odorless Garlic Tablets

by Botanic Choice
Odorless Garlic Tablets

Reviewed: 03/12/2010 by Michael Chadwick

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Everyone knows that Garlic is one of the best herbs on the planet to maintain a healthy life and Botanic Choice offers this potent herb in odorless tablets or soft gels so you can reap the benefits of this powerful supplement without the bad breath it is infamously known for. Providing cellular support, helping to maintain normal cholesterol levels and boosting the immune system are just a few of the benefits that are gained from a daily intake of garlic in your diet. Rich in minerals and sulfurs, garlic has also shown to be a natural antibiotic. Secondary benefits include improving the body's defense against colds and flu's as well as loosen the plaque from artery walls. If you suffer from high blood pressure, Garlic is one of the first steps to not only lower it, but also maintain it once it reaches optimal levels.

Take one tablet three times daily with meals.

There are no listed side effects.

Odor-Modified Garlic

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