Hawthorn Berry

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Hawthorn Berry

Reviewed: 02/03/2010 by Michael Chadwick

Category: Heart Health

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Hawthorn Berry is a centuries old remedy that has found its way into modern supplemental medicine. Improving heart and blood vessels, this supplement contains various Bioflavonoids that can assist in artery blood flow as well as strengthening heart muscle contractions. There are incredibly powerful Antioxidants contained within the supplement and can help with sleep and issues with nervousness. Hawthorn Berry has also shown to be very beneficial in treating those suffering from congestive heart failure as well as those with stable angina. Arrhythmia is also another malady that can be assisted with regular intake of Hawthorn Berry. Secondary benefits for this supplement include helping those suffering from various nervous conditions including insomnia and diarrhea. Studies have also shown improvement to those with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and chest pains. Many symptoms from hypertension to tachycardia can be alleviated with routine usage of Hawthorn Berry.

Take one tablet three times daily.

Do not take if you are suffering from colitis or ulcers. Pregnant women should refrain from using this supplement.

Hawthorn Berry.

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There is no cheap but good , except for scams. GOOD inscranue is expensive, cheap inscranue has high deductibles and sometimes severe coverage limitations. You can't get a brand new Cadillac, off the lot, for $25 cash. There's no bargain.
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