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Category: Heart Health

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High-Rite is an herbal solution designed by Native Remedies to assist those who have issues with their blood pressure. Specifically, it's for those who are looking to return to or maintain healthy blood pressure levels, in addition to improved circulation and promoting coronary artery health in the process. The formulation is homeopathic in nature and includes such ingredients as Hawthorn, Passion Flower, Cramp Bark and Maidenhair Tree. They are condensed in easy to swallow, vegetarian friendly capsules that can be easily incorporated into a daily routine. Many of the ingredients individually have been regarded for their antioxidant properties, as well. Because it works in a supportive capacity and in order to ensure maximum results, it is recommended that a regimen lasting a minimum of three to six weeks is necessary. There are no gluten, nor artificial preservatives, colorings or flavorings.

Take two capsules three times daily for 10 days.

There are no listed side effects.

Hawthorn, Passion Flower, Cramp Bark, Maidenhair Tree

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