Super Critical Holy Basil

by New Chapter
Super Critical Holy Basil

Reviewed: 07/29/2010 by Michael Chadwick

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Used for a long time in the alternative health community for the array of benefits it provides, Holy Basil has many medicinal properties. Super Critical Holy Basil from new Chapter has over 300mg of the potent herb in each soft gel. Holy Basil stimulates the removal of phlegm from the body, making it a useful tool for those who suffer from colds and flu-like symptoms. Furthermore, Holy Basil has a strengthening effect on the kidneys, which is why many people who are suffering from kidney stones turn to the supplement. It has also been shown in testing to reduce the level of blood cholesterol. It's also an anti-stress agent that helps calm nerves. The soft gels are vegetarian friendly and are free of wheat, starch, lactose and artificial colors or flavors.

Take two soft gels, preferably in the middle of a larger meal with water.

There are no listed side effects.

Holy Basil

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