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Whether it's the big exam or a company-wide presentation, people of all ages know the stress and anxiety that can come with studying and preparing. The biggest issue that affects these people is the inability to stay focused for any significant amount of time. Many people turn to prescription medication or over the counter products that contain stimulants and both options can come with them a host of side effects, chief among them a rapid heart rate and the possibility of addiction. StudyPlus is an all-natural, herbal formula that helps maintain focus without caffeine any other stimulants. Unlike other products, StudyPlus is taken every day in order to achieve the full benefits. For optimal benefits, Native Remedies recommends that a regimen that includes this product should last three to six weeks in order to ensure optimal benefits. Free of artificial colorants, preservatives and flavorings.

Take one to two capsules twice daily, after meals.

There are no listed side effects.

Gotu Kola

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