Milk Thistle

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Milk Thistle

Reviewed: 02/08/2010 by Michael Chadwick

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Known the world over for its antioxidant ability, Milk Thistle is an important supplement for strengthening and detoxifying the liver. It does this in a number of ways including regenerating and repairing liver cells, reversing liver damage as well as reducing inflammation and treating endometriosis. As we all know, the liver is one of our most important organs and Milk Thistle helps to support the integral processes that are necessary for it to function properly. Free radicals in the body cause cell damage and premature aging. Regular intake of Milk Thistle attacks those free radicals and removes them. Since it works, in part, as a guardian to the liver, those who suffer from the effects of alcoholism may see great benefits from this supplement as it helps rebuild and strengthen liver cells that have been destroyed by alcohol consumption. It is also known to help in the prevention and treatment of gallstones.

Take one capsule daily.

There no listed side effects.

Milk Thistle Extract.

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