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Rich in sterols, which are directly linked to testosterone levels, muira puama herb root extract is used to boost libido in men, increasing sexual desire. It may also be helpful in other men's health issues such as impotence, erectile dysfunction and baldness. Muira puama energy tonics have been used by Indigenous people to treat a myriad of ailments. Although generally used as an aphrodisiac and sexual tonic, many of our body's systems, such as the nervous, reproductive and gastrointestinal, may benefit from its use. Muira puama supplements are widely available from many online merchants, but deciding which brands are the best to buy can be daunting. Our reviews can assist you in narrowing down the good from the bad and the ugly and help you to choose the best products. In order to find the right price, compare the catalog of products here and save on muira puama items today.

Muira Puama Liquid Extract Preview Muira Puama Liquid Extract

by Herbal Authority

Muira Puama Liquid Extract is made by Herbal Authority and is most commonly used to promote sexual health. Adults should take 1 mL in some water 2-3 times daily. This product is alcohol-free.
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