Potassium Reviews

We know that we need potassium, but exactly what does potassium do for the body? Potassium is actually a mineral that contributes to heart health and stabilizes blood pressure. An abundance of physical or mental stress, along with overindulgence in caffeine, alcohol and sugar can decrease the levels of potassium in the body. Aside from helping regulate blood pressure, potassium may also prevent the formation of kidney stones and in conjunction with sodium, assists in regulating the water balance in the body’s cells. Foods high in potassium include citrus fruit, bananas, pork, tomatoes, broccoli, yogurt and milk. Although sources of potassium are available in food, those suffering from high blood pressure or a potassium deficiency may also benefit from taking potassium supplements. If you are unsure of which are the best brands to buy, perusing our reviews can help you to choose the right one. In terms of price, compare the potassium items listed here to find the right fit.

Potassium Chelated Preview Potassium Chelated

by Vitamin World

Potassium Chelated caplets are manufactured by Vitamin World and they may be taken to support muscle strength and nerve transmission. Capsules are sodium-free and don't contain preservatives.
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