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A sweet, low-calorie dietary supplement, stevia extract may help to control blood sugar and support the pancreas. Native to the rainforests of Paraguay, the Guarini Indians of Paraguay have been employing stevia as a soothing and healing agent for centuries. Three hundred times sweeter than sugar, yet without the calories, stevia is an invaluable source of sweetness for those with dietary restrictions and those wishing to curb their sugar intake for weight loss purposes. Getting familiar with everything this amazing plant has to offer is the first step toward enjoying the benefits of stevia. Reading our reviews on stevia powder is a step in the right direction. Discover the best stevia supplements on the market and find out where to buy them online. If you are searching for the best price, compare the items, weighing the pros and cons and you will most certainly find the right stevia product for your needs.

Stevia Liquid Extract Preview Stevia Liquid Extract

by Herbal Authority

Herbal Authority's Stevia Liquid Extract is vegetarian-friendly and free from artificial flavors. This extract can be used as a natural sweetener for beverages. Add some to your favorite beverage up to four times daily.
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