Stinging Nettle Capsules

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Stinging Nettle Capsules

Reviewed: 07/13/2010 by Penny Branly

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Growing in tropical regions around the globe, Stinging Nettle is a plant that has been shown to provide many benefits to the human body. Vitamin World’s Stinging Nettle supplement contains 300mg of the vital herb in each capsule. For those who don’t like to take pills, the capsules can be opened and put in a delightful tea. The benefits of Stinging Nettle are numerous. It is commonly used as a diuretic to remove unwanted toxins or impurities. Because Nettle leaves contain high levels of iron, many people also include it in their regimen to treat anemia. Sinusitis, rhinitis and asthma are three other medial ailments that has been shown to be treated with Stinging Nettle. Furthermore, many people believe that a diet rich in Stinging Nettle decreases the risk of developing eczema and other skin conditions. This is supplement is free of artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Take one to two capsules three times daily, preferably with meals.

There are no listed side effects.

Stinging Nettle

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