Health Product Stores

Health Product Reviews is pleased to be working with the following reputable online health product stores. These companies represent some of the most preeminent online sites in the health industry. Whether you are looking for vitamins, minerals, medicinal herbs, supplements, or other health products, any one of these stores may have what you are looking for.

BodyBuilding Preview


Reviewed: 10/14/2010 by
Penny Branly

Catering more to fitness aficianados and body-builders, this site offers a bevy of items to build muscle and burn fat. They also sell videos and supplies and offer an online community and thousands of articles and resources.

Pro Health Preview

Pro Health

Reviewed: 10/07/2010 by
Michael Chadwick

Pro Health is an online health community that includes message boards, live chat, research articles and health essays. They also sell their own line of health products as well as brand name lines like Now Foods and Natural Vitality.

Vito Pharma Preview

Vito Pharma

Reviewed: 11/27/2009 by
Mark John Hiemstra

You'll find a few specialty products on this site for those looking for specific sexual health products as well as an array of herbal remedies. Read our review to find out if they've got what you're looking for.

Herbal Remedies Preview

Herbal Remedies

Reviewed: 11/17/2009 by
Mark John Hiemstra

If you can get past the somewhat confusing site design, you'll find several search functions that will easily direct you to the thousands of different natural products that are available at Herbal Remedies at competitive prices.

Native Remedies Preview

Native Remedies

Reviewed: 11/13/2009 by
Mark John Hiemstra

Very few sellers or manufacturers of homeopathic remedies can claim that they make their products in an FDA-registered facility, but this is exactly what sets Native Remedies apart from the competition. Definitely worth a look.

Better Sex Mall Preview

Better Sex Mall

Reviewed: 11/09/2009 by
Penny Branly

If you are looking for an alternative method for penis or libido enhancement, then this site may have what you are looking for. Products are mostly male-oriented, but it does have a few libido-boosting items for women.

Botanic Choice Preview

Botanic Choice

Reviewed: 08/26/2009 by
Penny Branly

With over 100 years of industry experience, Botanic Choice offers a line of products that are exclusive to their site, which allows them to make certain guarantees on the quality and freshness of ingredients and offer discounts.

Global Healing Center Preview

Global Healing Center

Reviewed: 08/12/2009 by
Mark John Hiemstra

If you need a little bit of extra help and aren't sure what direction you should be heading in for a program of health, the people at the Global Healing Center will customize a program especially for you, based on your needs.

Trusted Health Products Preview

Trusted Health Products

Reviewed: 08/05/2009 by
Penny Branly

Their product variety is lacking, however Trusted Health Products does offer excipient-free manufacturing, which means that their products are free of additives, fillers and coloring, making them 100% natural and safe.

Organica Research Preview

Organica Research

Reviewed: 07/29/2009 by
Penny Branly

Health supplements found on Organica Research focus mainly on colon health. The product information is slightly lacking, but you can rest assured that all products have been manufactured in an FDA-inspected plant.

Organic Health and Beauty Preview

Organic Health and Beauty

Reviewed: 07/22/2009 by
Mark John Hiemstra

The site name of Organic Health And Beauty may seem to limit its scope to certain areas, but they actually have quite a few categories of products and remedies, though you might be able to find more variety elsewhere.

Mother Nature Preview

Mother Nature

Reviewed: 07/15/2009 by
Mark John Hiemstra

Since 1995, Mother Nature has been providing customers with natural products for health and beauty needs. Not much more to the site than just sales, but you will get a promise of satisfaction directly from the manufacturer.

Vitabase Preview


Reviewed: 07/02/2009 by
Penny Branly

With reasonable prices and a wide range of health products, Vitabase seems like a viable option for those looking to purchase health supplements online. You'll get discounts, reward programs and tons of product information.

Puritan's Pride Preview

Puritan's Pride

Reviewed: 07/02/2009 by
Mark John Hiemstra

Because they only sell products that they manufacture and are not resellers of supplements made by other companies, Puritan's Pride is able to make certain quality guarantees and can sell their products at competitive prices.

Vitamin World Preview

Vitamin World

Reviewed: 07/02/2009 by
Penny Branly

Vitamin World offers a broad array of health products at discounted prices. With extended customer service hours and several health resources, they are committed to providing quality products at reasonable prices.

E Vitamins Preview

E Vitamins

Reviewed: 07/01/2009 by
Mark John Hiemstra

As a reseller of vitamins and nutritional supplements, E Vitamins has a large amount of inventory and a diverse range to choose from. Where they fall short is in the amount of information they provide for specific products.