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Reviewed: 11/09/2009 by Penny Branly

Off the top

Many online health merchants offer a wide variety of products for several ailments, but the Better Sex Mall focuses on one thing only and that is sex. They are a reseller of sexual health products and the products they offer are mostly geared towards men's sexual health, but there are few products for women as well.

They offer nine categories, including penis enhancement, extenders, volume enhancers, penis oils, penis patches, penis exercises, growth hormones boosters, female libido supplements, and human pheromones. Those looking for alternative methods to enhance penis size and boost semen volume or just ignite a little fire in the bedroom may be interested in the products offered here.

Customer Relations

The purchasing the supplements is made quite easy. Better Sex Mall offers four ways to purchase, including online, by telephone, fax, and regular mail.

They do not provide a telephone number to speak to a customer service representative, but rather recommend using their email form to contact them. The telephone number provided for ordering products is for that purpose only, representatives that answer your call cannot answer queries on the products nor can they tell you the status of your order. However, they do provide a handy order tracking feature on the site.

Is the price right?

This website's pricing generally follow the prices set by the manufacturer, so consumers are not really catching a deal here. The cost varies on the product. As for shipping, they offer USPS, Fedex and DHL as shipping carriers and there is a rush option as well. Better Sex Mall ships globally.

They offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, which states that if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can simply send back the empty bottle and get your money back, minus the shipping costs. The one downfall is that even though the company urges you to try all of their products, they will only refund one order per customer.

What else will I find?

The site employs a rating system for products, however, the rating criteria is unclear. Many of the products come with a Consumer's Choice Approved Stamp, yet there are no actual consumer reviews on the site regarding efficacy of the supplement.

With any order over $100, customers are eligible to receive a 25$ gift card with their shipment.

Under each category of supplement, they do provide fact sheets, ingredients, articles, exercises, tips, and other helpful information.

The bottom line

With a simple ordering process and many sexual health products to choose from, Better Sex Mall seems like a viable merchant. The prices may not be a reduced all that much, but those looking for sexual products for both men and women will most likely find a product that they like here.

Store Facts

Available products Alternative Health Products
Available Languages
Support Telephone Number (866) 269-3487
Online Live Support No
BBB Rating N/A
Payment Options
Accepted Credit Cards
Return Policy 60-day money-back guarantee
One return per order per customer.
Available Destinations Global
Shipping Methods
Shipping Costs Regular 7-10 days via USPS (USA): $12.99
3-5 days via UPS (USA): $19.99
2-3 days via UPS (USA): $29.99
Overnight via UPS (USA): $36.99
Mail via Parcel Post (INT): $19.99
Rush 3-6 days via DHL (INT): $29.99
Rush 2-5 days via FEDEX (INT) - $35.00
Delivery Time Varies depending on shipping destination.

User Reviews

Rosa wrote:
Posted: 07/10/2011
Everytime I order from your site, my credit card info is stolen and I have to cancel my card. You claim to have a secure check out, yet someone is stealing info off your site.
Craig wrote:
Posted: 11/22/2009
How much do they pay you to put that there?
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