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Reviewed: 11/27/2009 by Mark John Hiemstra

Off the top

According to the World Health Organization, 80% of the world's population uses some form of herbal treatment to meet their healthcare needs. In an effort to help people find herbal medicines that are safe and effective, Vito Pharma has an online store where you can purchase a variety of herbal remedies. From sexual remedies to weight-loss programs, and many others, they have a good variety of products.

In stark contrast to many other online stores, Vito Pharma has only a few products, but they address several different needs. In addition to the aforementioned products, they also have laxatives, liver-health remedies, herbal concoctions to aid in nicotine withdrawal, and even a product that they promise will stop hair-loss.

In all, they have 14 different herbal remedies. Those searching for treatments for impotence or libido enhancers might be especially interested in the products offered here.

Customer Relations

Contact can be made by telephone, fax, email or traditional mail. There is also a live support function for chat with a customer service representative, but when I tried it, no one responded. I waited for a full five minutes before giving up. I tried again a couple of hours later, with the same result.

An extensive FAQ section may answer questions that you might have with regards to their products and their delivery.

Is the price right?

For those who wish to purchase more than just one unit, the price begins to improve significantly. Considerable discounts are offered when purchasing more than one bottle of any particular product and since many of these products are meant to be more effective with time, it is worth your while to take advantage of the volume discounts.

A Money-Back Guarantee is offered for 180 days and those who are not satisfied with the products they purchased need only to contact customer service to claim their refund.

What else will I find?

Although no certification is listed, they do say that their products meet international and pharmaceutical standards for preparation and packaging. It is unclear exactly what those standards are and where they come from.

There are no health-related articles or other information on the site.

The bottom line

Those looking for specific natural products may want to take a look at this site to see if what they offer can meet their needs. The bottom line is, Vito Pharma is certainly not a store for those looking for a wide variety of supplements, but is worth a look for those who are looking to address specific issues, including sexual dysfunction, and more.

Store Facts

Available products Alternative Health Products
Available Languages
Support Telephone Number (800) 991-3163
Online Live Support Yes
BBB Rating N/A
Payment Options
Accepted Credit Cards
Return Policy Money-back guarantee offered for 180 days.
Available Destinations Global
Shipping Methods
Shipping Costs Registered Mail is $9
Express Mail is $24
Airmail is Free
Delivery Time Up to 20 days for Airmail
Up to 15 days for Registered Mail
5-7 days for Express Mail

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Juan wrote:
Posted: 04/14/2015
I have vitopharma viga plus how do I use it
JC wrote:
Posted: 10/25/2012
BUYER BE AWARE IS A SCAM. They will charge your money but never send you anything and will provide you with a bogus deliverly confirmation. DONOT BUY FROM THIS INDIA COMPANY
Vicky wrote:
Posted: 07/01/2011
im intrested in neosizexl. Pls response
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