Orange Essential Oil

by Botanic Choice
Orange Essential Oil

Reviewed: 07/23/2010 by Michael Chadwick

Category: Stress Relief

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There is nothing quite like the invigorating smell of citrus, especially from a freshly ripened orange. There are countless uses for this delightfully zesty oil. You can freshen up a room with its pleasing scent. You can use it as a base for scented candles or potpourri. And since it's edible, it is a common addition to candies, frostings, breads and deserts as well as hot and cold drinks. A simple browse at your favorite cooking or candle store will show you that scented oils can get quite pricey, but this concentrated essence from Botanic Choice is in everyone's price range. Studies have shown that the smell of oranges have a calming effect on people. There's enough essence in this tiny bottle to keep you living space tension-free for quite some time.

Use two to three drops per application.

There are no side effects listed.

Orange Oil (Citrus sinesis)

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