Cypress Floral Oil

by Botanic Spa
Cypress Floral Oil

Reviewed: 03/18/2010 by Michael Chadwick

Category: Stress Relief

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The cypress tree is native to Mediterranean regions such as Greece and its durable wood has long been known to provide relief for a multitude of respiratory issues. Botanic Spa's Cypress Floral Oil distills the very potent aroma so that it can be used to infuse a calming evergreen scent to your aromatherapy. Putting a couple drops in a liquid solution can create a pleasing perfume or spritz that can provide a short blast of calm. Or it can be incorporated into a potpourri, scented candle or herb pillow mix to provide an all-encompassing aroma. Apply some in your immediate area before engaging in yoga, meditation or physical activity and release yourself from stress. Like all of the other floral oils produced by Botanic Spa, this highly concentrated oil contains no sugar, starch, wheat, gluten preservatives or artificial colors or flavors.

Amount varies depending on application.

There are no listed side effects.

Cypress oil, Benzyl Benzoate

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5.99 BUY N/A 15 ml 1 bottle Botanic Choice

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