Valerian Root Reviews

The use of valerian root can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks who used it as a digestion aid. In modern times, it has been marketed as an effective natural sleeping aid, as well as an herbal remedy for anxiety. Not only does the herb induce sleep, but it may improve the quality of sleep as well. Although primarily used for insomnia, valerian root supplements may also be used for menopause, seizures, depression, restless leg syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Used in the forms of pills, essential oil, teas and powders, valerian root is also employed to relieve headaches, improve the menstrual flow, ease panic attacks and help treat irritable bowel syndrome. Product reviews can be endlessly helpful when you are searching for the best supplements to buy and can even direct you to the best price. Compare the products we've compiled here and discover all of the fantastic benefits this natural remedy can bring to your daily life.

Valerian Root Liquid Extract Preview Valerian Root Liquid Extract

by Herbal Authority

Herbal Authority's Valerian Root Liquid Extract is alcohol-free and helps to promote relaxation naturally by working with your body's natural cycles. This liquid supplement is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.
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Hops Valerian Combo Preview Hops Valerian Combo

by Puritan's Pride

Hops Valerian Combo by Puritan's Pride combines the benefits of Valerian, Hops and Skullcap in an easy to swallow capsule. This product is not intended for those under 18-years-of-age.
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