Valerian Root Liquid Extract

by Herbal Authority
Valerian Root Liquid Extract

Reviewed: 07/16/2010 by Michael Chadwick

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Valerian Root has long been known by civilizations on many continents to help soothe the body and promote a natural sleep cycle. Herbal Authority’s Valerian Root Liquid Extract does away with the soft gels and tablets that many other brands use in favor of a liquid delivery system that ensure a faster and more efficient absorption. By working with the body’s natural rhythms, Valerian Root has been known to know only fight insomnia and sleeplessness, but also avoids the druggy feeling and negative side effects that many prescription and over the counter sleep aids produce. Because of its calming properties, many who suffer with anxiety and nervousness also turn to Valerian Root. The same for irritability, exhaustion, ADHD, hysteria and even depression. Plus, it has been shown to regulate heart arrhythmias and stabilize blood pressure. This supplement is free of wheat, soy, dairy, sugar and artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

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Valerian Root.

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