Vitamin K Reviews

Vitamin K is responsible for the coagulation of the blood. What does that mean? That means that it helps your blood to clot. When your body sustains a cut or wound, it is Vitamin K that starts the process of healing by stopping the bleeding. So, if you bruise easily or bleed excessively from small cuts or nicks, you may indeed have a Vitamin K deficiency and supplements may be required. Vitamin K also aids bones in absorbing and storing calcium and is therefore an essential vitamin to combat the onset of osteoporosis and to maintain bone density. Vitamin K sources include spinach, brussel sprouts and other leafy, green vegetables, but can also be found in the body's own intestinal bacteria. Our reviews discuss the best supplements for the best price. Compare Vitamin K products here so you can buy now and start enjoying the health benefits of Vitamin K as soon as possible.

Vitamin K-2 Preview Vitamin K-2

by Puritan's Pride

Puritan's Pride Vitamin K-2 supplements are easy-to-swallow softgels that feature MenaQ7, which is a bioactive form of Vitamin K. Taking these supplements can help to maintain bone health and strength.
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Gotu Kola Preview Gotu Kola

by Vitabase

Gotu Kola supplements made by Vitabase may help to improve memory, calm the nervous system and even help wounds heal faster, containing high levels of Vitamin K Gotu Kola is not made from kola nuts and is caffeine-free.
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