Vitamin K-2

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Vitamin K-2

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Also known as Menaquinone, Vitamin K-2 plays a very important part in the transfer of calcium to those areas of the body that need it. Puritan’s Pride’s Vitamin K2 supplement contains 50mcgs of the potent nutrient in each easy to swallow soft gel. As we age, our arteries calcify and can cause any number of ailments in the body, most notably coronary artery disease. Vitamin K2 helps to prevent calcium buildup while also helping to build stronger bones. Studies have found Vitamin K-2 to be able to reduce bone loss by as much as 80%. Women who are expecting also turn to Vitamin K in order to avoid birth defects like microcephaly and cardiac dysfunction. Puritan Pride’s formulation is comprised of a natural form of Vitamin K known as MenaQ7. This supplement is free of gluten, wheat, yeast, fish, starch, sugar and artificial colors, preservatives and sweeteners.

Take one capsule daily, preferably on an empty stomach.

Puritan’s Pride’s Vitamin K-2 supplement helps the body properly process calcium in addition to providing blood clotting support. Each easy to swallow soft gal contains over 60% of the vital nutrient. Our full review breaks down all of its benefits along with how this product matches up against its competitors. Check it out.

Vitamin K-2, Sunflower Seed oil

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19.99 BUY 50 mcg 30 softgels 1 bottle Puritan's Pride
39.98 BUY 50 mcg 30 softgels 2 bottles Puritan's Pride

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