Wild Yam Reviews

Wild yam is most commonly used to soothe hormone-related ailments, such as PMS and menopause and therefore is generally referred to as a woman's herb. It is believed that wild yam stimulates a woman's ovaries to produce a balanced amount of progesterone and estrogen, which makes it an intriguing alternative to synthetic hormone treatments. Wild yam root has been touted for its antispasmodic properties which may have an effect on relieving abdominal cramps and even asthma. Wild yam benefits have also been linked to sexual health, having been employed for breast enlargement and increased libido. Finding wild yam supplements to buy can be overwhelming since there are so many forms to choose from, but reading reviews can assist you in finding best products and help you to find a good price. Compare and contrast the brands here in order to find the right fit for your health needs and your lifestyle.

Wild Yam Preview Wild Yam

by Nature's Way

Historically offered as "colic root" and used in herbal remedies for gastrointestinal irritations, this supplement also assists women who are suffering from menstrual pains including cramping and tightened muscles.
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Wild Yam Cream Preview Wild Yam Cream

by Herbal Authority

Combined with Aloe and Vitamin E for best results, you also get a 14% solution of Wild Yam Cream that soothes and moisturizes skin. Contains natural products and is used by many women experiencing midlife change.
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